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What were the top 5 blogs of 2022?

Each year, HopeHealth shares stories of care, compassion and hope through our blog. It’s an honor to shine a light on what’s most important to our readers. Here were your five favorite stories that we shared in 2022:

Post #1: What is pediatric hospice care, and how is it different for kids?

Little baby girl visiting doctor holding in hands red toy heart as life safe symbol

When a child is facing serious illness, they need a special approach to care – and their family does too. Pediatric hospice is here to help.

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Post #2: In the halls of Hulitar: An inpatient hospice nurse opens up

Male nurse standing in the halls of the HopeHealth Hulitar Hospice Center

An inpatient hospice nurse opens up about his experiences at Hulitar Hospice Center, and what it means for patients and their families spending their final moments together.

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Post #3: How to be present with a loved one at the end of life

Close up of lovely daughter visiting and kissing sick mother on forehead while resting in hospital bed. Senior patient laying on gurney with eyes closed while daughter assuring a speedy recovery. Old mom patient being kissed while recovering from disease in nursing home.

When your loved one is nearing the end of life, here are tips for what to say and do – and how to simply be present with them.

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Post #4: This can help when a loved one won’t eat or drink at end of life

old man opening mouth for spoonful of foodto eat spoonful of food

Accurate information will help families make the right decision when a loved one on hospice care no longer wants to eat or drink.

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Post #5: Starting hospice care: What families coping with dementia should know

hands hold white cutout head shape with purple brain graphic

HopeHealth’s Circle of Love Dementia Care offers specialized care and resources for hospice patients with dementia and their families. Here’s what families should know about how and when a loved one is ready for hospice.

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