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Helping You Achieve a Better Quality of Life

HopeHealth Palliative Care provides relief from the symptoms and stress of a serious illness, wherever you need care.

Our team of medical professionals can collaborate with your existing doctors and other healthcare providers to ensure your care is well coordinated.

We can control your pain and other symptoms. And we can help you and your family clarify the goals of your care and convey your priorities.

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Inpatient Hospital Care

If you or a loved one is hospitalized at one of our partnering hospitals, we can work with your medical team to provide palliative care. Patients receiving palliative care in an inpatient setting may be eligible to have services coordinated by our care transitions team.

Home-Based Care

If you qualify for home care services, you may be able receive home-based palliative care. This care serves as an extra layer of support to help you manage your illness and remain independent at home.

Home-based palliative care is provided by a specially trained, multi-disciplinary team of nurses, home health aides, care transition coordinators, therapists and social workers from HopeHealth Visiting Nurse, working under the supervision of a physician from HopeHealth Palliative Care.

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Elderly pensioners at retirement home talking during an afternoon snack

Long-Term Care Facilities

If you are receiving care in a nursing home or skilled rehabilitation facility, we can work alongside your healthcare team to provide palliative care in that setting.

Pediatric Care (PediPal)

PediPal is our palliative care program for children and families in Massachusetts. Services include:

  • Pain and symptom management
  • Assessment and case management
  • Spiritual care, social services and counseling for the child and other family members, especially siblings
  • Complementary therapies, such as music therapy, massage therapy and engagement with a child-life specialist
  • Volunteer support, respite care and grief support services for family members

This program is funded through donations and a contract with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

A preschool age girl with a prosthetic leg is at a medical appointment. The child is meeting with her physical therapist. The child is sitting on the floor building with wooden toy blocks. The medical professional is sitting on the floor assisting the girl.

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