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Hospice Care

Getting Started with Hospice Care

When experiencing a serious illness, there are many obstacles to overcome.

Hospice focuses on what is most important to you and your family. We help make each day its best by caring for the whole person—physically, spiritually and emotionally. Our team is here to guide you through whatever life has in store.

HopeHealth provides all levels of hospice care in a variety of settings including homes, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals and in inpatient care settings like the HopeHealth Hulitar Hospice Center.

Learn more about hospice care and our service area.

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Brown Alpert Medical School

HopeHealth's hospice team of compassionate professionals are specially trained in caring for people facing serious illness and loss. We are the major teaching affiliate for hospice and palliative medicine for The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University in Rhode Island.

Each year, students from The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University join our medical team and support patients through companionship visits, grief support, inpatient unit support, and a variety of services to patients and families.

“Make the most of every moment”: Neil’s story

Diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, 19-year-old Neil chose to embrace life in every moment. By sharing his experience with hospice, his family hopes he can help others do the same.

These are some of the kindest and most caring people you could meet. They provide a much needed service. They treat the person and family with emotional and physical support that gets them through this difficult period. I cannot thank them enough.

— Daniel Rosenthal

Signs and Symptoms: When to Know it is Time for Hospice

Hospice switches the focus of care to comfort. It is not about giving up, it's about living the way you want to at end of life. Here are some examples of patients who would benefit from hospice care:

A man in his 80s with CHF who has been hospitalized several times over the past two years

A woman recovering from heart surgery who has not told her family if she would like to be resuscitated to save her life again

A woman with chronic kidney disease whose doctor tells her she will soon need dialysis

A man with dementia whose daughter can no longer leave him home alone safely while she runs errands

A cancer patient who has lost her appetite as a side effect of chemotherapy

A woman who has lived with COPD for five years and now needs her inhaler to climb stairs and do laundry

How Can We Help?

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