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At the heart of your health team: Meet Maria, a hospice CNA

When we call for help, they often show up first. When we struggle with daily activities and personal care, they give us a hand, along with a sense of dignity. And when smiles can be hard to come by, they are a bright spot in our day.

For these reasons and more, certified nursing assistants (CNAs) are at the heart of any great health team.

We’re proud to introduce you to one of our own — Maria Sequeria, a CNA at HopeHealth’s Hulitar Hospice Center.

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You’re about to celebrate three years at HopeHealth. How does that feel?

Maria: I can tell you from my heart: I love to work for HopeHealth.

Everybody — our managers, other CNAs, housekeepers, everybody — is so nice and ready to help. The way they talk to you, you feel important. You get so much love from everyone, patients and families and coworkers. You get to give so much love.

I tell my husband and my kids all the time: This is the best job! I feel so grateful.

Every day at the Hulitar Hospice Center, you support patients who are dying and need special care. How does this work affect you emotionally?

I think of my mom in that position. I think of myself in that position. Sometimes I go to the bathroom and cry for them and pray for them.

But I also say to myself, this is how life is. I tell the families, the Hulitar Hospice Center is the best place for your family member to be. We’re working together to help them.

That comforts everyone.

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What has this work taught you about yourself?

Because of this job, I feel more open. Like I have more love to give.

In hospice, we see how life is. Sometimes it’s sad. But we also see how lucky we are. We see how we have to help each other.

We have to go out and love one another because tomorrow, that could be us.

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Any advice for aspiring CNAs?

You have to have patience with families and patients. You have to remember that tomorrow, you can be in that position.

And not just patience — you have to have love.

If you have love, you have everything.

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