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A hospice aide’s beautiful mission

Starting hospice services at 96 years old hasn’t stopped Claire Boivin from wanting to look her best. A longtime fashionista, she instantly bonded with HopeHealth hospice aide, Ricky Ferreira, who is dedicated to helping his patients look and feel beautiful. Ricky can be seen curling hair, painting fingernails, helping his patients style their outfits and even doing their makeup if they are up for it. Ricky explains, “When we get ready for the day, we all want to look our best. Why should it be any different at the end of life?”

Claire leans over to hug Ricky. “I do that a lot,” she smiles.

Man in grey scrubs stands over elderly woman in wheelchair while curling her grey hair.

Ricky joined HopeHealth in April, but he’s been a hospice aide for 14 years. He always loved doing hair, nails and makeup and wanted to be a hairdresser, but never pursued it. Lucky for our patients, he’s willing to share his talents when they could really use some extra confidence to feel their best.

Hospice aides are part of the hospice care team, specializing in personal care to ensure patients are comfortable and well cared for. They provide support and often develop meaningful bonds with their patients, focusing on the patient and family goals.

“Claire always tells me that she appreciates me and the care I provide,” Ricky says. “I love making people happy and pampering them. I feel so fulfilled knowing I can do something that makes that big of a difference to her.”

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