Looking back at our most-read stories of the year

Looking back at our most-read stories of the year

A new decade is on the horizon! Before sailing ahead, let’s look back on what you most enjoyed in the HopeHealth Blog.

Here our top three blog posts from 2019:

Christmas candles and ornaments over dark background with lights

Healing through the holidays: 5 self-care tips for managing grief

If you’re mourning the loss of a loved one, you may find the advice in this story is still helpful in the days and months ahead.

Two young women stand with an older man while reviewing a laptop in front of them

Reframing hope: A Q&A with a hospice doctor who once feared death

While studying hospice and palliative care in medical school, Dr. Christine Nevins-Herbert learned a surprising lesson: “End-of-life care isn’t all about dying and sadness. It’s actually about life and hope,” she says.

Picture of an elderly black patient meeting with a young black doctor wearing a stethoscope

The ABC’s of curative, palliative and hospice care

Contrary to popular belief, hospice care and palliative care are not the same. The differences may surprise you.

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