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Candle Lighting S-Z

A Lifetime of Precious Memories (Last Names Beginning with S-Z)

Welcome to our sacred space, a virtual sanctuary crafted with love and intention. In the gentle glow of this digital candlelight, we invite you to embark on a meditative journey to remember your loved ones. As you engage with this luminous web page, take a moment to honor the memories etched in each virtual candle, weaving a collective tapestry of shared moments and enduring love. Each name is grouped in alphabetical order, please follow the button links below to find your loved ones name(s).

Florence S.

Gregorio Salazar

Juanita Salazar

Raquel Salazar

Elizabeth Salhany

Scott Salois

Elizabeth Santos

Gary Satagaj

Ellen Saucier

Marge Saunders

Tom Schneider

Darleen Scott

Quentin Scott

Russell Scott

Tamonica Scott

Zachary Sears

Linda Serejczyk

Eric Shaw

Fax Shelton

Herman Shelton

Rueben Shelton

Ruth Shelton

James Henry Shelton Sr.

Ronald Sherman

Donald Silva

Dorothy Silva

Horacio Silveira

Joseph and Dulcie Silver

Neacy Singleton

Frederick Slade

Mary Sly

Gordon and Mary Small

Carolann Marzeoti Smathers

Dorothy Smith

Gloria R. Smith

Kate Sonnenburg

Jonathan Sousa

Jonathan Joseph Sousa

Marianne Sousa

Georgina Irene Souza

Edward Stapleton

Russ Starr

David Stenhouse

Mary Stublarec

Richard Stublarec

Antonio Sverdigliozzi

Carl W. Swanson

Frances Sweet

Joseph Sweet

Tom Swift

Peggy Sydnor

Mark Symons

Mr. and Mrs. Symons

Sadie B. Tager

Louis Tager Sr.

Sophie Tarnowsky

Whitey Tarnowsky

David Tenney

Jeff Tenney

Lynn Tenney

Constance Testa

Dorothy Testa

Lucien and Rolande Tetreault

Eleftherios Michael Theodosiou

Alex Theriault

Marguerite Thomas

Apstl. James and Mthr. Mary Threats

Gerald M. Tillinghast

Earl Willam Tobin

Bertha Tougas

Edward Tougas

Vincent Tougas

Ray Tremblay

Cadence Tuato’o

Jason Tuato’o

Peter J. Turcotte

Edward Turnquist

Nola Turnquist

Verne Tyler

Terry Van Fleet

Rita Vanderbeck

Nancy Ann Vanwormer

Betty Vargas

Paul T. Vartanian

Alfred M. Vecoli

Jeannette D. Vecoli

Eleuteria Carmen Santana Vega

Denise R. Velleco

Lucas Aaron Verardo

Ann Verfaille

John Viticonte

Marie Viticonte

Kevin Viveiros

Deborah Vogelpohl

Ada and Edmund Waitkevich

Edmund and Barbara Waitkevich

Carrie Washington

Martin Washington

Robert “Bob” Watterson

Theresa Wesling

V. White

Bertha S. Whiting

Mary Ruth Whitman

Steven Whitney

Tamara (Tamm) Lehew Whitty

Ruth Winde

Henry Winters

MaryAnn Wodecki

Jimmy Wolfe

Shirley Wright

Rosemarie Wyllie

Ricardo Yanez

Beatrice Yanku

Kenneth York

Kraig York

Sharon York

Robert Zina

Annabelle Zinni

Richard Taylor

Robert Taylor

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