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Candle Lighting E-L

A Lifetime of Precious Memories (Last Names Beginning with E-L)

Welcome to our sacred space, a virtual sanctuary crafted with love and intention. In the gentle glow of this digital candlelight, we invite you to embark on a meditative journey to remember your loved ones. As you engage with this luminous web page, take a moment to honor the memories etched in each virtual candle, weaving a collective tapestry of shared moments and enduring love. Each name is grouped in alphabetical order, please follow the button links below to find your loved ones name(s).

Bill Edgar

Mary Edgar

William Edgar

Kevin C. Eisemann

Berta L. Estrada

E. Orlando Estrada

Luis C. Estrada

Peter Etzel

Peter M. Etzel

James Fasching

Nathan Fasching

Beverly A. Feuti

Denise Filion

L’Marques Finkley

Stephanie Finkley

Thomas Fish

Cody Fisher

Frances Fisher

Kathleen M. Fitzgibbon

Dorothy Fitzpatrick

Glen Fitzpatrick

Marie Ford

Hazel Forloney

Edith E. Forrest

Conrad Fortier

Joseph Fortin

Rhonda Lee Fortin

Clyde Fortuna

Jill Fortuna

Eugene Fournier

James Fusco

Steven J. Fusco

Eric Gaines

Frankie Gaines

Helen Gaines

Lucille Gaines-Jackson

Raymond E. Gallison Sr.

Kirsten Gamache

Jorge Garcia

Sandra L. Gargano

Stanley Gaskins Jr.

Stanley Gaskins Sr.

Domenic Generali

Edward Gentile

Doreen George

Warde and Gabriel Ghazal

Shannon Marie Giles

Jade Gillooly

Ernest Gingras Jr.

Antonio F. Giron

Barbara H. Given

James and Loretta Given

Leo Given

Paul and Nancy Given

Philip D. Given

Thomas F. Given

Nancy Glithero

Kathleen L. Godin

John M. Goncalves Sr.

Michael J. Gorman

Alphonse Gosselin

Eugene (Gene) Gosselin

Marie Grace

Chris Graham

Kathy Graves

Douglas Gray

Paul Greeley

Donald Greene

John Greene

Teresa Greene

Arthur Grenon

Jacqueline Grenon

Author Haberle

Ruth Haberle

Mildred Hackett

David Halpert

Robert Halpert

Bruce E. Harris Jr.

Darleen Hartmayer

William Hartmayer

Raymond Harvey

Clifford Haulish

Betty C. Hawkins

Gilbert C. Hawkins

Christine Hayes

John Herbert

George Hickey

Joann Hignight

John Hignight

John Hignight Jr.

Barbara A. Hill

Paul L. Hill Jr.

Dan Hinrichs

Eddie Hoffman

Edgar Hoffman

Lillian Hoffman

Paul Andrew Hofmann

Therese Hofmann

Carol Hogg

Karen A. Holihen

Laurie Howard

Timothy L. Howard

Katelyn Howell

Elizabeth Hummel

Vincent Iacone

Karen D. Iannella

George Ireland

George F. Ireland

Annie M. Jackson

Douglas Jackson

Teresa Jackson

Helen M. Jacobson

Susan James

Elizabeth Jenkins

Helen Jennings

Ronnie Jennings Jr.

Joseph E. Johnson

Myron Johnson

Derek Jordan

Michael Jorge

Peter Joubert

Ted and Janet Kanelos

Bill Kapinos

Stephanie Karbowski

Bryan E. Kavanagh

Bradley H. Keenan

Catherine R. Kennedy

James J. Kennedy

Amy Kennett

Arnold Kennett

David Kennicott

Joseph Kiley

Eugene Troy Kilgore Sr.

Barbara King

Joseph King

Mary Kitzes

Lisa Kogut

Christine Kolar

Dorothy Kraines

Carol Kremer

Mary Kremer

Andrew LaBrecque

Joan Lafond

Tony Lancaster

Sandra Lanzen

Sandra Lee Lanzen

Albert Laprade

Faith Larsen

Michael Larsen

Michael J. Larsen

Jon Larsson

Brenda Laundry

Kristine Lawrence

Victoria and Anthony Lazieh

James and Evelyn Leach

Anthony J. Leal Jr.

Leo Lebeau

Evelyn LeBlanc

Angela Lee

Michael Lee

Shirley A. Lee

Rose Marie Lemire

Pat Lennox

Rob Leonardo

Robert Leonardo

Sylvia Levere

James Lewis

Deborah Liddell

Grace Liddell

James Liddell

Philip Lieberman

Bill Lockett

Evelyn and James Lofgren

Adelaide Lombardi

Antonio Lopes

Christine Lord

Fred Lovegrove

Lois Loyd

Diane Lozy

Eleanor Lucas

Dennis Lund

Debbie Lynch

James C. Lynch

Nancy Forest

Carolyn LeCount

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