A gift from the heart

Daniel was a young man in the Navy when he met a bright first-grade teacher who would change his life—his future wife Janice. The couple shared many happy memories and years of marriage before Daniel became ill. He required a great deal of medical care and support from their community. Janice and Daniel eventually made the decision to start Daniel on hospice services.

They knew that deciding what happened with their hard-earned assets had to be a team effort. With no children, Daniel’s number one priority was that Janice be taken care of for the remainder of her life. When the couple met with their estate attorney, they learned that they could also continue to support the people and organizations that they cared deeply about by naming them to receive a gift from their estate upon Janice’s passing. One of those beneficiaries was HopeHealth. Janice left specific instructions that the funds should be used for the benefit of hospice patients who need financial assistance to access care.

Thanks to Daniel and Janice, two caring people who thought about the lasting impact they could have on others, many patients and families will benefit.

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