Become a Volunteer Join HopeHealth in Massachusetts as a pet therapy or music volunteer! Spread love and comfort to those in need. Learn more.

Join Our MA Hospice Volunteer Team

If you're seeking a meaningful way to make a difference in Massachusetts, become a hospice volunteer! Your generosity of time and spirit will help us provide essential support to individuals and families in need.

As a hospice volunteer, every moment you share — every comforting word, every tender gesture — lights up the lives of individuals and families navigating end-of-life. Your kindness becomes their sanctuary, your presence a beacon of hope in the quiet, poignant times that matter most.

We're currently in high demand for volunteers specializing in pet therapy and music. Your unique talents have the power to bring immense joy to our patients. Join us in spreading happiness and making a positive impact in our community.

As a hospice volunteer, you will have the chance to:

    • Bring comfort and peace to those at the end of life's journey.
    • Offer a listening ear and a hand to hold.
    • Support families with your presence and empathy.
    • Provide solace by sharing your unique talents, whether through music, art, or pet therapy, and more.
    • Engage in life-affirming activities that celebrate each individual's legacy.

Create meaningful moments that foster a legacy of love and care. Join our hospice volunteer team today and embark on an incredible journey of compassion, connection, and profound fulfillment.

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