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HopeHealth Community VNA has been providing compassionate home health care services in southeastern Massachusetts for over a century. Now they’re part of the HopeHealth family of services.

Grief Support

HopeHealth is offering virtual support during COVID-19. Learn about our virtual support groups.

The Center for Hope & Healing

Every person’s grief experience is unique. If you are grieving the loss of someone, we can help you toward a path of hope and renewal. The grief support professionals at our Center for Hope & Healing offer compassionate and individualized support for grief at any stage. We offer an expansive grief support group program and offer community programs like Camp BraveHeart for kids as well as remembrance events. Our grief support services are offered throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Counseling and Support Groups

Central to the mission of HopeHealth, we provide ongoing support and counseling to members of our community.

Our counselors can meet privately with individuals and families, both children and adults, in an office setting, in the community or at your home. Counselors have advanced training and experience in grief support and the emotional effects of serious illness.

We also offer a variety of grief support groups specific to what you may be experiencing. These include six-week sessions and ongoing general monthly groups led by trained facilitators. They are open to anyone who has experienced a loss regardless of whether hospice was used.

(If you are caring for someone with a memory impairment, you may be interested in our dementia caregiver support groups.)

Remembrance Events

HopeHealth hosts special events in Massachusetts and Rhode Island where you can remember a loved one. All events are free to attend.

cherry blossums in bloom

A Summer Evening of Hope & Remembrance

Our 2021 summer remembrance virtual event was a special time of honoring and remembering loved ones. Watch the recording filled with touching moments and reflections by clicking on the button below.

hands holding candle

Light Up a Life

HopeHealth’s virtual holiday candlelight memorial ceremony will take place on Thursday, December 16 at 6 p.m. ET. We invite you to honor your loved one's memory and connect virtually with our community—a wonderful way to bring light during the darkest time of year.

Learn More About Our Remembrance Events

Call our Center for Hope & Healing at (888) 528-9077.

“Hope—a one syllable word that will keep you going when all of the other more impressive words have failed to sustain you.”

— Joni Aldrich, author and inspirational speaker

Community Crisis Interventions

Our hospice counselors are available when a sudden death occurs or otherwise impacts a group, such as workplace, school or other community. Services include immediate crisis intervention as well as ongoing support and education.

Grief Camps and Retreats

Our grief camps and retreats provide a safe and compassionate environment to be in company of others who are grieving.

Kids exercising in green tshirts at camp braveheart as a counselor in a blue shirt leads them

Camp BraveHeart

For more than fourteen years, HopeHealth's summer grief support program, Camp BraveHeart, has been providing comfort and peace to kids coping with grief.

This program is offered free to kids ages 4 – 17 each year. In 2021, we offered a limited capacity in-person camp program at Hockomock Area YMCA in North Attleboro, MA as well as a virtual option due to COVID-19. Thank you to everyone who attended and supported our event.

A multi-ethnic group of senior adults are taking a tai chi fitness class. They are practicing their martial art together in a park at sunset. They are enjoying the sunlight and summer weather. Here they take a break to meditate.

Weekend of Hope & Healing

This adult retreat, for ages 18+, includes a variety of interactive and hand-on activities designed to nurture the body, mind and spirit in a peaceful setting of lakes, woods, walking paths and campfires under the stars.

For questions or more information, please email GMurgo@HopeHealthCo.org or MIreland@HopeHealthCo.org or call (401) 365-8783.


Alternative Grief Support

HopeHealth's holistic approach to grief support goes beyond traditional interventions. These alternative services—yoga, meditation/mindfulness and art therapy—care for the mind, body and spirit.

Yoga for Grief and Healing

We partner with Shri Yoga in Pawtucket, RI, for this weekly yoga and meditation group tailored specially for people dealing with grief. All levels of yoga experience are welcome. Yoga and meditation are practiced on chairs and the floor, and journals and other materials are provided.

Art Therapy

When we create art, we give ourselves permission to examine all that is happening within our grieving bodies. We use art therapy to encourage movement of the imagination and release tension.

Meditation and Mindfulness Workshops

If you are coping with grief, the practice of meditation and mindfulness can be a source of healing. Meditation and mindfulness helps us:

  • Be sensitive to our changing needs through the grief process
  • Develop an attitude of self-care and compassion
  • Reduce stress, increase emotional resilience and improve sleep
  • Discover new meaning after the death of a loved one.

Held seasonally, our meditation and mindfulness workshops offer focus, self-awareness and inspiration. Anyone is welcome to attend. View our grief support schedule for details.

Grief Support Readings

Our large library of articles offers practical suggestions to help you work through your grief journey or support others in mourning.

Read More

Let us bring hope and healing.

Contact (888) 528-9077 or CenterforHopeandHealing@HopeHealthCo.org to learn more about our grief support services.

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