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HopeHealth Community VNA has been providing compassionate home health care services in southeastern Massachusetts for over a century. Now they’re part of the HopeHealth family of services.

Specialty Services

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HopeHealth Visiting Nurse Specialty Services

Using Innovation and Technology for Better Care

HopeHealth Visiting Nurse offers a variety of specialty services to help you live safely, independently and comfortably at home. These services draw from some of the latest advances in medicine and technology.

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Mobility, Vision and Neurological Therapies

Total Joint-Replacement Therapy

Our physical and occupational therapists work with patients recovering from total joint-replacement surgery.

Safe Steps Fall Prevention Program

This program is for people at risk for falling at home. Our therapists offer strengthening exercises, balance activities, home modifications and adaptive equipment.

Safe Sights Low Vision Program

In this program our therapists provide strategies for people with impaired vision to live safely at home.

LSVT BIG® and LOUD® Programs

HopeHealth Visiting Nurse's clinicians are certified to provide the LSVT programs for people with Parkinson’s disease and other neurological disorders.

  • LSVT BIG is an exercise program designed to increase the range of limb and body movement. Participants will improve walking speed, balance and quality of life.
  • LSVT LOUD is a speech treatment used to improve vocal loudness without strain. Clinicians lead patients through exercises that stimulate the muscles of the voice box and speech mechanism.

VitalStim Program

VitalStim is a non-invasive therapy for patients who have difficulty with swallowing. The program uses neuromuscular electrical stimulation to stimulate and retrain the muscle used to swallow.

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Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring is having an ever-growing impact on home healthcare. This health technology makes it possible for clinicians to follow your condition using remote monitoring devices placed in your home. It allows us to identify potential problems and head off a medical crisis that can lead to hospitalization. For example, remote patient monitoring could alert us to a change in blood pressure that requires a medication adjustment.

Wound Care

Many people suffer from complex wounds that impact their quality of life. Our wound program uses innovative techniques and products and is based on scientific research. This program has been shown to:

  • Improve patient comfort
  • Improve healing time
  • Prevent complications
  • Improve patient outcomes

If you require wound care as part of your home care services, a nurse will assess your needs and work with your doctor to personalize your care plan. Our staff will continuously evaluate the status of your wound, communicate any changes to your physician and adjust the plan as necessary.

Palliative Home Care

Palliative care is a special field of medicine that offers relief from the symptoms and stress of serious illness, such as cancer, advanced heart disease, pulmonary disease or ALS. The goal is to improve the quality of life of patients and their families.

Unlike hospice, which is end-of-life care, palliative care can be given during any stage of a serious illness and alongside curative treatment, such as chemotherapy.

We offer a home-based palliative care program staffed by a specially-trained, multi-disciplinary team of doctors, nurses, care transition coordinators, therapists and social workers. These clinicians give an extra layer of support to help patients live as long and as well as possible.

We are the only agency in Rhode Island to be certified in community-based palliative care by The Joint Commission.

Learn more about palliative care.

To learn more about our specialty services, contact (800) 696-7991 or Information@HopeHealthCo.org.

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