Welcoming HopeHealth Community VNA!

HopeHealth Community VNA has been providing compassionate home health care services in southeastern Massachusetts for over a century. Now they’re part of the HopeHealth family of services.

Home Care Nurse Jobs at HopeHealth

You chose a nursing career to do good in this world. Now practice in an environment where one-on-one relationships really count—home care at HopeHealth!

Why work at HopeHealth Visiting Nurse?

  1.  No two days are the same. You’ll feel professionally rewarded in a clinically exciting environment. Help deliver innovative and cutting-edge specialty services including cardiac, telemedicine, neurological and palliative care programs.
  2. Your expertise and unique perspective will be valued. In our inclusive work culture, registered nurses are free to work autonomously while feeling authentic support from the team.
  3. A flexible work schedule and generous benefits. Work full-time, part-time or flex-time. Benefits include health care coverage, education reimbursement, an employer-match retirement plan, 10k sign-on and retention bonus.
  4. You’ll have room to grow. Advance your nursing career with our new Emerging Leaders Program and organizational support to pursue in demand professional certifications.

HopeHealth Visiting Nurse is a home care organization serving people in Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts.

What are the special moments and surprises in home care nursing?

Find out in our video, featuring two HopeHealth Visiting Nurse RNs and a deeply appreciative patient.

Quick Apply for Home Care Nursing Jobs

HopeHealth is hiring full-time, part-time and flex-time RNs! To learn more, complete this quick-apply form, and a recruiter will reach out to you.
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"HopeHealth is where I found my home. Home care is like no other nursing I have ever done. The patients are grateful, happy to see you, and so appreciative of what you do for them. Everyday I learn something new. I feel supported and encouraged here."

- HopeHealth Visiting Nurse RN

Visit our Careers Page for all job listings, benefit information and recruiting events. Or contact us at Careers@HopeHealthCo.org or (401) 762-7417.