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A home care aide: “This is more than a job, it’s my passion”

Nearly thirty years ago, Elaine Beauregard was caring for her baby daughter and looking for a flexible job. Thumbing through the yellow pages, she came across an advertisement for HopeHealth. Home care, she thought, might be a good fit.

“I had no idea this work would become more than a job,” says Elaine. “Being part of HopeHealth, caring for our patients, is my passion.”

Today, Elaine still proudly cares for patients as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) and home care aide with HopeHealth Visiting Nurse. Over her career she has helped thousands of people recover from injuries and health issues at home.

Home care aides are compassionate and courteous professionals who assist with everyday tasks like bathing, dressing, grooming and laundry. HopeHealth offers their short-term services to home care patients receiving skilled nursing or therapy services.

“I take care of our patients’ most basic needs—to be clean, comfortable, cared for and safe,” Elaine says. “Every person deserves to heal where they are most comfortable.”

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Recuperating at home can help patients heal faster, studies show. Better sleep and a brighter mood, along with a reduced risk for acquiring infection, are often possible through home care.

In addition, home care visits can reduce a patient’s chance for hospital readmission by as much as 25 percent, according to recent data.

“I really develop a bond and relationship with my patients. They trust me, and I get to know exactly what they need.”

For some patients, the hardest part of home care is getting started. It can be tough asking for help, and inviting a stranger into the home can be a big step.

Elaine puts patients at ease by building trust. As a highly trained professional, she warmly and calmly explains why personal care is essential for health and well-being.

Sensitivity is a must, given the intimacy of support services like bathing and washing hair. Family members often cannot provide this care, or the patient might not wish to ask them. Relying on a caring professional is a win-win for the patient and family alike.

Home care aides care for the whole person by keeping tabs on patients’ emotional needs. For example, patients who qualify for services rarely leave the home except to visit doctors. Others don’t have friends or family members who can visit. For them, Elaine serves as eyes and ears to the outside world.

“I really develop a bond and relationship with my patients. They trust me, and I get to know exactly what they need,” Elaine says.

“I’m a person who comes when they say they will, who cares for them and about them,” she adds.

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